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The first regulations addressing supply-side (retail) restrictions appeared in Southwestern states, primarily to address “huffing” (breathing in solvent vapors from consumer aerosol products in order to achieve a feeling of euphoria)


1990 – The city of Los Angeles adopted a “lock-up” regulation for spray paint and wide-tipped markers
1993 – San Francisco adopts “lock-up” regulation for spray paint and wide-tipped markers
1992 – Chicago adopts complete ban on sale of spray paint and wide-tipped markers
1994 – NPCA’s Spray Paint Manufacturers Committee formalizes the National Council to Prevent Delinquency (NCPD); Robert N. Hills becomes founding Executive Director; Introduction of “Responsible Retailing” principles
1995 – Phoenix, AZ enacts a “lock–up” regulation for aerosol coatings and wide-tipped markers
1995 – International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) adopts a Model Regulation for Anti-Graffiti Programs, which incorporates NCPD’s Responsible Retailing Principles
1996 – Albuquerque, NM adopts Responsible Retailing regulation
1996 – Philadelphia proposes a Chicago-style ban on aerosol coatings


2001 – State of Texas adopts Responsible Retailing statute
2002 – San Diego, CA becomes a Responsible Retailing city
2003 – Julius West Middle School in Rockville, MD, participates in The Graffiti Project
2005 – Louisville, KY becomes a Responsible Retailing city
2006 – Minneapolis, MN and Providence, RI become Responsible Retailing cities
2007 – Portland, OR adopts Customer Registration requirements for aerosol coatings and wide-tipped markers


2011 – Portland, ME; Memphis, and Shelby County, TN become Responsible Retailing locales
2011 – NCPD presents Graffiti Vandalism in America – Shaping the Municipal Responseat World Jurist Association in Prague, Czech Republic
2011Solving the Graffiti Problem is published in the Michigan Municipal Legal Briefs by the Michigan Municipal League/Michigan Association of Municipal Attorneys
2013 – American Coatings Association (ACA) assumes management of NCPD; Heidi K. McAuliffe becomes Executive Director
2013 - Kansas City/Wyandotte County and Hatboro, PA, adopt Responsible Retailing regulations. 
2014 – NCPD celebrates 20 years of assisting communities with positive strategies to prevent graffiti vandalism while transitioning to the Graffiti Resource Council (GRC) to better focus its resources solely on combatting graffiti vandalism 

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